SNEX reference electrode system
Revolutionary "SNEX solid-state, non-exchange reference electrode system":
break the life span limit of the traditional porous-liquid-junction pH sensors.

Application: Sludge, Viscous Fluids Protein, hydrogen sulfide, Cold Low Ionic Water Silicates, Chromates, Cyanide, Sea water, Brine, Mining, Petrochemical, liquefied natural gas.
SNEX, solid-state, non-exchange reference electrode system: it uses a highly stable non-porous polymetric interface in place of the traditional porous liquid junction. The electrochemical active reference area is the wholeof the outside surface of the electrode, this super large contact area means that the electrode is supremely resistant to coatings. Poisoning effects are eliminated because the polymetric reference material is ionicly conductive, but is not porous, consequently electrolyte and process fluids are not exchanged.

The advanced solid-state nature of SNEX reference electrodes mean they remain extremely accurate and reliable across a wide range of conditions, including: Temperature: 0 to 90ºC, Pressure: 0 to 20 bar.
SNEX: stable and longer life span, lower calibration and maintenance cost.
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